Monday, February 13, 2012

Puz Knows How Introduction

I would like to introduce a new Animated Interactive Children's Series created for children on the Autism Spectrum.
The series is Puz Knows How. This series was created to teach social, educational, self help, and ways to play and have fun by themselves and with others. We do this using the following formats made for video, e-books, interactive games, and mobile applications.

The show was conceived in 2009 by Maria Wheeler M.ED, BCBA, and Executive producer Zack Wilson. Their goal was to create a series of stories (both in print and on video) that would entertain and teach children on the Autism Spectrum social skills, and general academic skills in a playful interactive series.

After developing the first three stories, Zack and Maria determined that the stories had an even wider appeal and proved beneficial to families in general, with children ranging in ages from Preschool to 3rd grade. This inspired the idea of creating an animated television version of Puz Knows How.

In the pilot episode Puz Knows How To Use Nice Hands When I'm Mad, Puz shows us how to make the friendly choice of using nice hands rather than hitting someone when we're mad.

We learn that it is important to stop, and calm down. Then we evaluate...that means to think about what to say or do in your head and decide if it's nice or if it will make people feel sad. Since we are nice we always do the nice thing.

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